Dominican Republic Foreign Investment

The Dominican Republic government strongly encourages foreign investment and has promoted many incentives for investors. A great reference is the  Dominican Republic Has It All. It explains in detail foreign investment laws, incentives offered to investors, acquiring real estate, reasons to invest in the Dominican Republic, moving your business to the DR, tax incentives, benefits and special incentives.

Living in the Puerto Plata region, Sosua & Cabarete, we now see the efforts of the government investing in the North Coast, here are a few examples:

  • In October 2014 the MOPC (Public Works Ministry) installed into service the new highway patrol for roadside assistance & protection spanning from Puerto Plata to Las Terrenas and the Samana Province. Driving in Sosua and Cabarete the MOPC is highly visible.
  • Cruise ships industry returns to Puerto Plata in October 2015. Carnival Cruise lines will inaugurate its flagship hub port in the Americas, based in Maimon Bay. Construction soon to be completed.
  • As a result of the Cruise ships industry Puerto Plata is restoring the historical district, roads, buildings, preparing for all the tourists.
  • Investing money into the infrastructure, widening roads, building new highways (Samana to Santo Domingo completed), installing more street lights & road signs to make travelling tourist friendly.

A secure real estate investment in Dominican Republic

The right to own private property is guaranteed and recognized by the government of the Dominican Republic and there are many real estate opportunities available. Buying property in the Dominican Republic has become a low risk transaction thanks to the country’s transparent and reliable framework for real estate transactions. Similar to buying property in Canada, your title is registered to you, the buyer, or to a company that you own. There are no bank trusts or life leases in the Dominican Republic. It’s easy, affordable and close to home!


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