Dominican Republic Currency & Exchange Rates

Dominican Peso – Currency for the Dominican Republic

DOP – Currency code for Pesos

RD$ – Currency symbol

DOP to the US rate –  most popular Dominican Republic exchange rate

Denominations/Bank Notes – 20RD, 50RD, 100RD, 200RD, 500RD, 1000RD, 2000RD

Coins/Centavos – 5 Centavos, 10 Centavos, 25 Centavos, 1 Peso

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Where Can I Exchange my Money in Sosua & Cabarete

You can exchange US & CDN currency at several different places when visiting the Dominican Republic:

  • Banks usually offer the best rate however give yourself plenty of time as there is a tendency for long line-ups. Passport required.
  • Caribe Express two locations in Sosua. Passport required. Good Rates.
  • Currency Exchange Depots can be found throughout Sosua and Cabarete and are the most convenient. If driving by you can sometimes here the currency exchange employee yelling out “change”.
  • Puerto Plata Airport also has a Currency Exchange for your convenience however may not be best rate. Passport required.
  • ATM machines are plentiful and easy to find e.g. grocery stores, banks. You can use either a bank card or credit card. Your withdrawal will be converted to pesos.
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