Dominican Republic Residency, Visa, Tourist Card Information


What is the Benefit of a Residency?

  • It is possible to stay in the Dominican Republic without obtaining the official residency permit there are many benefits to owning one.
  • A legal resident can work and do business legally in the Dominican Republic – a non-resident cannot.
  • A resident is allowed to bring in his household items, ranging from kitchen appliances, to furniture, tax free. A non-resident must pay all applicable import duties on these goods.
  • In case of inheritance, a non-resident beneficiary must pay a 50% surcharge on applicable estate taxes – residents are not subject to this surcharge.
  • For many foreigners interested in not paying taxes in their home countries on income earned outside their home country, it is a prerequisite to obtain residency status in another country.
  • A resident can enter the Dominican Republic without having to buy a tourist card; a non-resident must obtain a visa or buy a tourist card.
  • For more detailed information on obtaining your Dominican Residency & Citizenship  please see Maria Abrue Immigration

Tourist Card

What is a Tourist Card?

  • A Tourist Card is considered a tax the Dominican Republic charges its visitors based on Law 199-67.
  • A Tourist Card will allow you to stay for 30 days but no more than 60 days. If over 60 days a penalty fee will be charged when leaving the country. The amount of fee depends on length of stay over 60 days.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • The cost is $10.00 per person.

How Do I Obtain a Tourist Card?

  • Tour Operator
  • Dominican Embassies and Consulate offices overseas
  • Upon arrival at the DR airports, seaports
  • Order online at






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