Dominican Republic Residency, Visa, Tourist Card Information

Tourist Card

What is a Tourist Card?

  • A Tourist Card is considered a tax the Dominican Republic charges its visitors based on Law 199-67.
  • A Tourist Card will allow you to stay for 30 days but no more than 60 days. If over 60 days a penalty fee will be charged when leaving the country. The amount of fee depends on length of stay over 60 days.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • The cost is $10.00 per person.

How Do I Obtain a Tourist Card?

  • Tour Operator
  • Dominican Embassies and Consulate offices overseas
  • Upon arrival at the DR airports, seaports
  • Order online at


What is the Benefit of a Residency?

  • It is possible to stay in the Dominican Republic without obtaining the official residency permit there are many benefits to owning one.
  • A legal resident can work and do business legally in the Dominican Republic – a non-resident cannot.
  • A resident is allowed to bring in his household items, ranging from kitchen appliances, to furniture, tax free. A non-resident must pay all applicable import duties on these goods.
  • In case of inheritance, a non-resident beneficiary must pay a 50% surcharge on applicable estate taxes – residents are not subject to this surcharge.
  • For many foreigners interested in not paying taxes in their home countries on income earned outside their home country, it is a prerequisite to obtain residency status in another country.
  • A resident can enter the Dominican Republic without having to buy a tourist card; a non-resident must obtain a visa or buy a tourist card.

What are the Steps for Obtaining Your Residency Visa?

There are 2 Steps.

Step 1 – Fill Out Forms to Apply for Residency Visa:

This can by done in your home country before moving to the Dominican Republic. Once you have all the paperwork approved by the Dominican Consulate you have up to 60 days upon arrival in the DR to apply for your Provincial Residency (Step 2)

Obtaining Your DR Residency Visa (from Canada)

For Canadian citizens visit the Dominican Consulate’s website and follow instructions. Download the on-line residency visa form  to apply for your Dominican Residency. The Dominican Consulate is in Toronto, Ontario and they are very helpful with any questions you may have. The instructions are fairly straight forward to follow and it is important to ensure you have all required forms. For example they require Long Form of marriage certificate & birth certificate. If you do not have these forms you can apply for them on-line at Canada Certificates at

Website for Dominican Consulate in Toronto, Canada:

Once you have all paperwork completed you can mail or deliver in person to the Dominican Consulate in Toronto, Canada.

Step 2 – Provincial Residency Application:

This requires more forms to be completed, translated and filed with the Immigration Department in Santo Domingo. A medical is also required. It is suggested to work with your lawyer or a Residency professional to help with this process especially if you do not speak Spanish. It can be done on your own however I definitely recommend working with someone who is familiar with the process and can keep everything moving forward. It is a full day at the immigration building with long wait periods. Highly suggest to bring something to read while waiting.

Suggest working with your lawyer in the Dominican Republic in order to complete process of residency. You will need to go to the Immigration Department in Santo Domingo to complete processing.





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