Casa Linda Residential’s Promotions & Incentives

Try and Buy at Casa Linda

Wildefire Properties encourages you to come out and stay in one of Casa Linda’s rental villas. We will personally show you around the local area, introduce you to the developer and take the time to explain caribbean living in our community.

If you decide to build with Casa Linda:

  • They will gladly pay the nightly rental rate in a 2-bedroom rental home during your visit.
  • Casa Linda will reimburse you $1,300 US towards your flight to the Dominican Republic.
  • This offer is valid for villas constructed in Phases 7 and 8 of Casa Linda. Villas in Phase 9 are not eligible for the Fly and Buy Program (with the exception of Villas Sunseeker)

Stay During Construction

  • Your villa construction will take approximately 4 months.  While it is being
    built, Casa Linda invites you to stay in one of their 2-bedroom villas during construction and Casa Linda will pay for the rent.  You will only be responsible for the price of consumables.








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