Richard Driving 4-Wheeler Showing Land For Sale in Hacienda el Choco

Country Living in a Gated Community And Only Minutes to the Ocean

“Hi, Rich Regan of Wildefire Properties. Here I am again at Haciendas el Choco in between Cabarete and Sosua of the Dominican Republic and this is another lot that I wanted to show you on the property of Haciendas El Choco which is a nice large gated-community with the opportunity to buy lots for sustainable living. There are three-acre lots for $135,000 USD. Just a tremendous deal on these lots compared to other properties in this area that aren’t in gated communities so it’s a great opportunity to have your own sustainable living here in a gated community and I just wanted to show you and to take you for a little drive through this lot which is three acres or twelve thousand four hundred square meters. So I’ll take you so that you can see it look around here

As you can see that there are beautiful lots all around here and there’s a big breeding stable that is going to be the largest in the Caribbean in this area.

There’s another property here with horses and over there they have donkeys and they’re going to build a nice home back in here for sustainable living. Also there are beautiful estate homes that are back in here.  Very large properties.  Just gorgeous. Excellent security in this development.   So just kind of running through the property a bit so you can see the terrain.  You can build your own garden and have lots of fruit trees, some cows, chickens and that sort of thing on the property

Lots of privacy so you’re not going to see any neighbors around you but yet have great security and you can build your own solar farm out here

I’ll drive back towards the horse ranch.

They have got huge breeding stables out here with beautiful horses.

I’ve got three lots on here that are available.  These two lots are at $135,000 USD the other one’s $150,000 USD.. That’s an excellent opportunity. You can see the breeding stables back in here with some really nice horses.  i think that those are Tennessee Walkers

So from Wildfire Properties, it’s Rich Regan.  I just hope that you enjoy my videos. This one’s kind of unique in that I am driving around on an ATV and showing you what this property has to offer. It’s a unique opportunity and I hope that you come out here and I can show you around and show you around the Dominican Republic, show you all this area has to offer. This area is really starting to take off, get to develop, and a lot of foreign investment coming into here now.  So if you like my videos please hit the subscribe button and like the videos also and just let me know if there’s anything else that you want to see.  This is uh some unique opportunity that is here and i’ll show you some more unique opportunities in the future have a great day have a great week”

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