Investing in Real Estate Abroad? The Dominican Republic Leads Caribbean Economies.

When investing in foreign real estate one of the most important considerations is the long term viability of the economy.

The Dominican Republic offers real estate investors unparalleled opportunity in the Caribbean, just look at the growth!

Dominican Republic has the Highest GDP Growth in the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic’s economy is outperforming those of its neighbors.

The economy of the Dominican Republic is set to surpass its regional neighbors this year, notching the highest growth in the Caribbean region. The DR has been gaining attention for its ability to maintain steady robust economic growth. In 2018, GDP rose by 7%, and the latest report by the country’s central bank says all industries are expanding—and that its free-trade zones in particular are drawing investment.

Three Examples of Major Investments in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic (Cabarete, Sosua, Puerto Plata).

North Coast of the Dominican Republic is a Hot Spot for Foreign Investment.

Three major investments in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

Proof that North Coast is the Caribbeans new hot spot for foreign investment and sets stage for a tourist and real estate boom in this area.

Marriot to build 2 hotels in Puerto Plata for US$350.0M

$100.0M+ Puerto Plata port project: cruise ships, 6,000 jobs

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club builds new complex in Cabarete in 2018 This project was built with an investment of 36 million dollars that will bring 200 new direct jobs to the area and some 600 indirect jobs. With the presence of President Danilo Medina, the Presidential Suites Cabarete by Lifestyle Hotel was inaugurated today, Friday, December 21st, 2018. Article from 7th Heaven about real estate boom in DR

Modernization in Globalization Leadership.

Transformed by globalization, the Dominican Republic has been systematically modernizing its legal and economic framework to adapt to new competitive standards and encourage the influx of foreign capital. With the highest GDP growth rate in the Caribbean, the Dominican government supports internationally accepted financing arrangements and observes international design, construction, and operation standards. Tourism, telecommunications, and free trade zones have exhibited the greatest investment growth, but additional opportunities exist in renewable energy, agriculture, mining, construction, aviation, electricity, and ports.

World Investment Community Supports Dominican Republic.

In 2017, the Dominican Republic was again the largest FDI recipient in the Caribbean (excluding British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands), with USD 3.5 billion worth of investment (UNCTAD 2018 World Investment Report), rising by 48% since 2016, thanks to the dynamism of mining, tourist and real estate sectors. FDI stock amounts to USD 36.5 billion. FDI mainly goes to tourism, telecommunications, real estate and mining sectors. The USA is the main investor, followed by Canada and Spain. Chinese investments are expected to increase.

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