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The big question. Where should we go for dinner?

Both Cabarete and Sosua have plenty of first-class restaurants, great beach bars and quaint cafes. They also have a few places that aren’t so desirable.

You will find Italian, German, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Swiss and of course Dominican cuisine. You will not find the North American drive thru’s nor the fast-food culture. In fact the service can be a bit slower at times.

When we first retired or “unretired” to the North Coast of the DR, I missed my local drive thru Tim Hortons … a Canadian tradition. However soon I found my new favourite cafe, bistro and beachside restaurant. I realized drive thru’s were a thing of the past. My new caribbean life was about taking the time to relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee or two.

For my first “Good Eats” blog I decided to list a few of the popular restaurants. Some of them have beautiful ocean views and amazing sunsets – don’t forget your camera! Also tips on paying your bill based on our experience. I hope you find this helpful.

Paying Your Bill:

Currency: Most restaurants take payment in pesos or USD. A few will accept CDN. It is recommended you pay in pesos.  This will help avoid problems with receiving poor exchange rate – keeps everything simpler. Foreign currency can be exchanged at one of the many exchange places. A passport is required when exchanging money with the bank.

Credit Cards: As a rule most of the inexpensive restaurants do not accept credit cards. Check with the restaurant before ordering to confirm if they accept credit cards.

Tips: 15 – 20% same as North America. Some restaurants may add a 10% “legal” to your bill. The 10% legal is a tip to be shared amongst staff. In this case you can add another 5 – 10%.

Ask for your Bill: When ready to leave the restaurant you will need to ask for your bill. “La cuenta por favor“.  English Translation “The bill please” . Generally restaurants will not bring your bill to the table until you ask for it.

A few Popular Restaurants:

Gorditos Fresh Mex

  • Where is it? Cabarete
  • What kind of restaurant? Mexican. Tacos, Burritos, Bowls, Veggie choices
  • What’s it like? Excellent Service, Order inside. Suggest Fish Tacos along with cold fresh Coconut Water. A few tables inside and plenty of patio tables with red umbrellas outside. The food is always fresh and tasteful. Great to order and go.
  • How much? Great value, Taco’s 50 – 70 pesos each.

Fresh Fresh Cafe

  • Where is it? Two locations. One in Sosua and one in Cabarete.
  • What kind of restaurant? Smoothie and Juice Bar, Healthy choices, Organic Options, Wraps, Salads, Vegan & Vegetarian Options, Breakfast, Coffee, Tea, Cookies, Brownies – delicious.
  • What’s it like? Quaint atmosphere, Sells Organic coffee, Teas, Honey. Natural Health remedies. Eat inside, Outdoor Patio or To Go. Look for Health events. Free WiFi
  • How much? Average prices.

Scandinavian Beach Bar

  • Where is it? Sosua, On the beach #152. About midway point. Look for all the flags.
  • What kind of restaurant? Beach Bar & BBQ. Great selection of food & drinks, cocktails, beer. Suggest: BBQ ribs – amazing, Jalepeno Burger, Eric’s Salad. Have lunch, breakfast or dinner. Usually closes around 6 pm.
  • What’s it like? Neat spot. Have a drink at the bar or sit at one of the tables with umbrellas. Better yet have your food and drinks delivered to you on the beach! Can also order To Go. Free WiFi
  • How much? Good value for the service and great food.

Belgium Bakery

  • Where is it?  Cabarete Belgium Bakery
  • What kind of restaurant? Bakery & Cafe. Fresh Breads, Croissants, Specialty Cakes, Pastries (almond), Specialty Coffee (great coffee!), Lunch, Salads, Sandwiches.
  • What’s it like? Perfect for breakfast and lunch. Free Wi-Fi. Seating inside and outside. Covered terrace if raining. Order To Go.
  • How much? Average pricing. Good value.

On the Waterfront Restaurant

  • Where is it? Sosua, *Ocean View
  • What kind of restaurant? Steak & Seafood, Dominican cuisine, Dining
  • What’s it like? Upscale dining with great open-air atmosphere. Situated on the Sosua cliffs overlooking Playa Alicia. Amazing ocean views and stunning sunsets. Try to arrive before 6 pm to watch the sunsets and don’t forget your camera. Large seating area inside as well as outdoor patio. Table side service to prepare Caesar salad or specialty coffee flambe – nice touch. Happy hour 5 – 7 pm. Free WiFi.
  • How much? On the high end. Average meal $15.00 – $45.00 US. Worth it!

La Casita de Papi

  • Where is it? Cabarete, *Ocean View
  • What kind of restaurant? Seafood, Dining
  • What’s it like? Quaint restaurant with inside seating and also plenty of tables on the beach. Listening to the ocean provides great atmosphere. Lobster or Shrimp “A la Papi” is the house specialty. The food is always delicious and good service. Free WiFi.
  • How much? On the high end. Average meal $15.00 – $30.00 US.

PierGiorgio Palace

  • Where is it? Sosua, *Ocean View PierGiorgio Restaurant
  • What kind of restaurant? Italian & Seafood, Dining
  • What’s it like? It is all about the view!! This is an absolutely beautiful victorian style hotel sitting on the cliffs of Sosua. Watch stunning sunsets, enjoy the gardens, take your camera for pictures. Friendly staff, good service. Free WiFi.
  • How much? High end $15.00 – $45.00 US


I would love to hear from you with any comments regarding your favourite restaurants in the Dominican Republic. Also check out our Pinterest Boards for more restaurants as well as Dominican cooking recipes.




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