Richard Regan Walking Tour Video in Casa Linda – May 1, 2020

Update: Curfew is now 7 pm – 5 am with more non-essential business opening.

Join me on a quick walking tour of Casa Linda Quality Homes in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. I will show you a few homes and talk a bit about what it is like living in the DR during Covid-19.


9 seconds – Hi Rich Regan of Wildefire Properties. I wanted to welcome you to the Dominican Republic.

I know that people aren’t able to travel they’re asked to stay in their homes during this period of time so there’s somewhat of a lockdown throughout the world as we go through this covid 19 pandemic and people have to do their social distancing and that sort of thing.

29 seconds – But I wanted to show you what’s it’s like for me here in the
Dominican Republic just across the street from my home at my sister’s villa that she has in the rental program at Residencial Casa Linda and in Sosua of the Dominican Republic in between Sosúa and Cabarete.

51 seconds – In the DR as you can see behind me it’s been nice and clear. It has been like that for quite a few weeks now and I have been just staying at home now practicing self isolation and only going for essential services.

1:11 minutes – Here it’s just a bit more of a lockdown than some of the other America for instance here they have regulations where you are I guess they call it curfew at basically 6 am to 5 pm.

1:37 minutes – You can’t be out so you have to in your home during that period of time and outside of that you can only be out for essential services, such as if you are buying groceries or going to the pharmacy.

1:46 minutes – The beaches are all closed down to the public and no swimming to avoid social gatherings at the beaches.

2:01 minutes – So It’s a very different time but I guess in terms of a place to be this is a great place to be during this time of being locked down and having to stay home.

2:19 minutes – Here they have t had many issues in this area with the covid-19 I don’t know if anyone that has got it or has been affected by it so that’s really good and I hope that people are staying home and being safe and hopefully they get the economy back up and going and people working again soon. I know it’s a tremendous stress on people.

2:40 minutes – Here it’s great to have the sun shining and being able to get outside and do some exercise while you are still practicing social distancing so that works out great for me.

2:59 minutes – I will take a walk over they have a shuffle board court and a chess set that is outside.

3:02 it’s nice to have the outside living while you have to stay at home so that is a nice benefit of being here. Here is the shuffle board court that they have in this villa and chess set.

3:24 also during this time to help me earn an income since there is nothing happening on the real estate side because people are unable to travel here and take a look at buying places as an investment.

3:27 I have a trading business where we do machine trading and it has been very successful. The website is

3:53 if you are ever interested in taking a look at machine trading as an option during this time it is something to consider. We have some pretty good returns through the machine trading for our investors.

4:00 minutes –  That is keeping me busy as I switch over and ramp up that business while not doing real estate.

4:17 minutes –  But hopefully I get back to real estate here shortly And things start to open up but it might a few more months before it happens. Hope that happens in the very near future.

4:31 minutes – The governments are working diligently to make that happen and people are practicing the guidelines that are set in place and that seems to be curtailing the spread of the issue.

4:47 minutes – From Wildefire Properties I just wanted to show you what it’s like here in the Dominican Republic and whats going on in the Dominican Republic

4:54 if you have any questions you can contact me at Sovoron or Wildefire website. You can contact me on what’s app or send me
An email.

5:21 minutes – If you want more videos I would be happy to do some more videos to show you what’s going on around here

5:31 minutes – If you have any questions just let me know

5:34 minutes – When things open up again I hope you choose the Dominican Republic as one of your travel destinations. come out and see me and I would be happy to meet you and show you around so you can see what all this area has to offer

5:40 –  From wildefire Properties and Sovoron. Com have a great day and a great weekend.

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