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Benefits of home ownership in Casa Linda located in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Investigate the benefits of home ownership in Casa Linda located in Sosua, Dominican Republic and you will find few areas of the Dominican Republic (or the Caribbean for that matter) that can compare in professional value, yield, long term home ownership pride and satisfaction. – Richard Regan, President WildeFire Properties in Sosua.


Below I Detail the Ten Best Fact Based Reasons to Own Dominican Republic Real Estate – and More Specifically at Casa Linda.

  1. Value. Home Ownership at Casa Linda is a Smart Investment. I could write a book (or at least a significant fact based article) on all the ways that Casa Linda is in fact a fantastic value for investors. It checks off all the value based logical decisions you need to consider. I will detail this specific point in a near future post. In the meantime, browse our website and reach out for a discussion about specifically why this community is a smart investment. Near impossible to beat the value proposition as a Casa Linda home owner. Some highlights: foreign investors can buy and own real estate or other property freehold (free and clear titled property) with no requirement for residency. Property transfer tax is significantly below the North American average and many competing Caribbean markets. Most homes in Casa Linda are valued below the property tax threshold and therefore do not pay annual property taxes.  The property tax threshold is 6,858,885 pesos or approximately $150,000 USD of the accessed value (which is far lower than the actual purchase price).  For properties valued above this threshold you pay 1% on the difference between the access value and the tax threshold which is minimal.
  2. Climate, Nature and Beaches. Never Ending Summer. Of course the Caribbean has one of the best climates in the world, but more specific to the North Coast Dominican Republic (where our community is located), the climate is one of the best you can find anywhere. The Sosua area (and Dominican Republic on whole) has some of the best and most diverse beaches, natural areas and protected parks found in the world. A coral reef barrier surrounds much of the island protecting from storm surges, keeping sharks, jelly fish and others away from the beaches. There are many beach bars & restaurants representing near every nation of the world and last but not least our never ending summer offers one of the most beautiful turquoise ocean water views on earth!
  3. Democratic Stable Government Welcomes Foreign Property Investment. For many, this (stability) is one of the best reasons to own a home here, but it made position three on my personal top reasons list. The DR is one of the most stable and economically strong countries in the Caribbean. Many adopted democratic laws and policies influenced by the U.S. and other western countries have been modeled by the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic Government also makes it easy for residency and the low taxes you will pay are simply smart living.
  4. Location of the Dominican Republic in the World and More Specifically Our Location in Sosua Area. Sosua is located very near the Puerta Plata airport and has direct major modern highways connecting it to nearby Cabarete to the East (a water sports capital of the world) and even highway links to Samana area, Punta Cana, the capital region of Santo Domingo and Santiago. And as for our location in the world, very few tropical destinations are as convenient for travel to the United States, Canada, Europe and more.
  5. Sosua / Cabarete / Puerta Plata on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic are a Top Choice Location for Expats. One of the most sought after expat communities in the world is right here in our community. For decades expats have been making their stay in our neighborhood enjoying a large social network, activities and life-long friendships. A simple search on Facebook groups for Sosua or Cabarete will give potential home owners to the area a feel of what our community is like. We have many, many close friends here from all over the world and have learned about many cultures in the process.
  6. The Dominican Republic Infrastructure Has It All. Whether it be world class medical, doctors that speak many languages, communications (for example fiber internet), modern highways and various other services – this area truly has it all.
  7. Beach Area Property is a Bargain. Through-out the world beachfront or homes near the beach remains in high demand. And with that demand a very high price tag comes with home ownership. This is not the case yet in the Dominican Republic. Many perfect villas (homes) and oceanfront or beach area condominiums are still within the budget reach of many real estate investors that contact me.  In fact, the Dominican Republic and specifically the North Coast of the Dominican Republic has the lowest priced real estate in the Caribbean.
  8. Tourism is Growing in the Dominican Republic and that Offers Home Ownership Investment Value. Tourism is growing year after year in the Dominican Republic and is expected to continue to grow in to the future. The DR is a world class chosen destination in the Caribbean and the Government is behind the expansion. This offers opportunity to home buyers many countries cannot offer. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s annual report, the Dominican Republic was the sixth-most-visited country in the Americas in 2014, with more than 5.1 million visitors—an increase of 9.6% over the previous year. Tourist figures for this country for 2015, when they’re released, are expected to show a further increase of 12%.
  9. Excellent Rental Yields Point to Smart Investing. Growing tourism is offering excellent opportunity in the rental market in the Dominican Republic. Many visitors to our island now seek apartments, condos, and villas for their stay. In many instances tourism is rising faster than the number of available properties. This is helping to create a great opportunity for private owners to realize strong yields and Casa Linda has one of the best home owner programs on the market.
  10. Capital Investment Growth Potential Looks Great. Home ownership prices are still moderately low, our tourism is growing fast and is very solid, the economy is in the DR is growing, and best yet the yields for home owners are great in the market. This with our mix of programs for foreign home owners in Casa Linda has proven to be a win-win scenario. With a growing economy the local home market improves. And with a Government behind and committed to continued infrastructure upgrades, many people are choosing the Dominican Republic for home ownership. The long term investor value proposition as a result is very hard to beat.

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