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Sosua (North Coast) Property Investment: Key Things to Know.

The Dominican Republic by every metric is poised for incredible growth. Sosua, on the north shore near Cabarete and Puerto Plata is located perfect to be a key recipient of the growth.

Understanding the reasons behind the Dominican Republic’s growth, forecast of continued growth and how Sosua fits in is key to seeing the opportunity in local property investment.

Below are some insights to assist you in understanding why growth has and is expected to outpace most Latin and Caribbean property investment opportunities.

The Dominican Republic Has it All and Sosua on the North Coast is Exceptional.

The north coast of the Dominican Republic is widely regarded as the most scenic area of the country with its dazzling, wide beaches and lush coastal mountains. From Luperon to Cabrera, the visitor passes through historic towns like Puerto Plata, Sosua, and Cabarete. A sure sign that large-scale investment is coming is the recent opening of a major cruise ship port by Carnival Cruise Line. Many visitors, realizing that the area suits them, will choose to invest in real estate in this growing area.

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Significant Infrastructure and Economic Growth. Dominican Republic Ranks in Top 5 for all the Americas for Tourist Destinations.

The Dominican Republic has become the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean and consistently ranks in the top 5 for all the Americas. This popularity has spawned significant infrastructure growth in many areas with improved roads, bridges, airports and cultural centers. Where Punta Cana and La Romana have grown rapidly in recent years, the north coast is feeling the beginnings of a new wave of interest by tourists and those wishing to stay for the longer term. See “Select Caribbean” article above.

“Dominican Republic continues to see rise in tourism numbers in 2018. The Dominican Republic looks set for another record-breaking year in tourism numbers, following new figures released. According to the nation’s country’s deputy minister of tourism, ” See:

“Per capita GDP (at PPP) has increased roughly 30% in the last 5 years, ending 2017.” See:

Demand for Rental Properties Almost Guarantees a Substantial Return.

Indeed, there are many opportunities for quality real estate investment on the north coast. Condo and villa communities are found in many desirable locations and residences are available in every budget niche.

Best of all, an investor in a residential property will find that the demand for rental properties almost guarantees a substantial return on investment. And if the owner decides to stay awhile, they will find that an affordable luxury lifestyle is well within their reach. Easy to reach from North America and Europe, the north coast region is served through the Puerto Plata International Airport. See “Select Caribbean” article above.

This article will also give you an idea of the growth trajectory in the DR

“Some of the most desirable residential areas are in tourist hot spots such as the capital, Santo Domingo, and the areas on the country’s beautiful Atlantic coast, such as the tourist towns of Sosua and Cabarete“. See: Tourism boom fuels Dominican Republic’s property market

Above Are Only a Few Examples The North Coast of the Dominican Republic Real Estate Property Investment Opportunities.

What We Offer The Sosua Property Investor.

Caribbean Vacation Rentals – Rent Your Private Villa at Casa Linda in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Residencial Casa Linda offers…All the benefits and services of a resort – but with the privacy of a home. The Casa Linda Rental Team is Now #1 in the Dominican Republic. Trip Advisor rates our Development #1 in Specialty Lodging (vacation rentals) 2016 for the whole of the Dominican Republic. 

Let your vacation home help pay for itself! North American owners have been able to afford buying their Caribbean property in the Dominican Republic for vacation, retirement or investment by placing their home in a very successful rental program. See: How can I Afford to Buy a Home in the Dominican Republic?

When buying a home in the gated community of Casa Linda Residencial located just minutes from Cabarete and Sosua beaches in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. You are offered a worry free home maintenance, security, rental & care program. Lock up and leave. On-site and online all the time. See: Residencial Casa Linda Rental Program – Dominican Republic Real Estate.

Property investment in the Dominican Public is a sure thing when you buy at Casa Linda. The average price increase for real estate on the north coast is around 5% per year and because this area has become so popular with tourists, we are now able to guarantee a net rental income of 6-10% of the purchase price a year for the first two years. See: Casa Linda Residential Gated Community.

Whether it is our award winning Sosua Casa Linda Residential Gated Community or a property in other development areas of the Sosua – Cabarete area, we have the options the market offers and the expertise to assist you through the complete property investment process.

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Helping clients from the beginning and continuing service support after the home buying process concludes.”

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